Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Dear Mr. Pack, Control our lives, please...

And we'll even pay you to do it."

That is the only possible thought people could be having when they make a commitment to Dave's RCG. If they would look at his Armstrong offshoot critically, they would see it for the cult that it is. They would see that Dave is a lying, abusive, thieving, controlling, narcissistic egomaniac who couldn't care less for their lives in the here and now, let alone their supposed eternal salvation. His only interest in people is to squeeze them dry of all their resources in order to fuel his own religious-industrial complex. Dave loves to bash PCG's Flurry for being a dehumanizing, title-grabbing false prophet, while claiming his own titles, bashing RCG's detractors and demeaning his own loyal supporters. This was something I witnessed on a daily basis during my time in RCG. And his claim to be the onlyest holding the fastest to the teachings of his HWA idol is itself misleading, and can be easily disproven by a simple side-by-side comparison of HWA's literature and Dave's versions of the same.

God and Devil

Since losing faith in all things religious, one of my biggest problems with bible thumpers is that they blame all the world's woes on the devil and give god credit for any and all that just happens to go "right." The problem is, even if it can be "proven" that there is a god, it cannot be proven in any way, shape, form or fashion that there is a separate, independent entity of "evil" parading around causing all the world's problems. Christians can quote the bible all they want, but that doesn't prove there is a devil. And while they're busy quoting the bible, they had best not forget that it is that very book that shows the "devil" can't do anything without god's approval. So even if they can somehow prove that "Satan" exists, the blame still goes all the way to the top.