Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dave throws the book at the Devil

Although I have been free of the clutches of Armstrongism for 9 1/2 years now, there is much from that 35 years of my life that I will never forget. And especially the last 3.5 of those years (a tithe!), during which I worked for Dave Pack's RCG. One thing I can say for my time at HQ was that there was never a dull moment.
One of the many incidents that stand out in my memory involved a WCG family who were corresponding with us and inquiring about joining RCG. This would have been pretty much an everyday scenario, since we were constantly receiving letters and e-mails to that effect. As I recall, the family was corresponding through our Spanish department, although I don't now remember exactly where they were from.
Had it been merely a matter of sending literature (in this case, RCG's "Splinter Explanation Packet" -- "SEP") to this family to help them make a decision regarding RCG membership, it would have been "just another day at the office." But there was apparently a family member who was "demon-possessed" or, at the least, plagued by an "evil spirit" -- indicating this by severe and continual outbursts of irrational and extreme tantrum-like behavior. Since we were never privy to anything other than the family's descriptions of said actions (and since "demon-possession" was their stated conclusion), we accepted this as fact.
Whether or not this person was under the influence of an evil spirit, was never truly ascertained. But no sooner than we notified the family that our Mailing Dept had the SEP wrapped and on its way, they informed us that the tantrums had subsided. And Dave Pack was quick to tout this mail-order "miracle."
At the time, I was amazed at this, in awe of such a thing. It didn't occur to me to think, "Wait a minute. These people are Christians -- in fact, part of the smallest group of us that constitute the only 'true Christians.' They have a Bible in their home. Probably more than one. They study it regularly. They probably pray regularly..."
It didn't occur to me to think that through just a little bit further. To wonder why a "demon" would feel the least bit intimidated by one man's mere interpretation of Scripture. In other words, threatening to send literature was going to repel a malevolent spirit being, but having a Bible in the house wasn't enough to keep it out in the first place? God's Word itself was less intimidating? Jesus himself was only able to ward off the Devil by quoting Scripture (another topic for another post), but somehow a demon was going to cringe at the words of David C. Pack...

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